Tame Your Tiger and unlock your true potential!

Quieten your mind and discover a better you with this specifically devised series of mindfulness and meditation practices.

Created by experienced therapists and teachers to provide solutions to help inspire confidence and generate happiness.

Choose a suite of mindfulness practices that address your specific needs from those listed below.

"Meditation has helped me most when contemplating suicide. I realised in my meditation that my emotions were just thoughts that I was in control of. I can control my negative thoughts now which has given me back my life, without thinking I'm controlled by my anxiety"

Rod, Carpenter

"Susannah and Dorian have created a fantastic resource to help improve life; to gain a more positive outlook and tools to build up resilience to the things in life that can pull us off-track. By using their mind-management techniques on a daily basis, it is like working a muscle; it will get stronger and you will be able to do the things  you found hard in the past, with ease. I thoroughly recommend you start experimenting and see how much Tame Your Tiger can benefit you and the ripple-effect you will experience from making it part of your life."

Anne, Carer

"I cannot stress enough how helpful the meditations are. The content of these was very good, but honestly the way they are delivered was second to none. Susannah and Dorian have a unique gift of making you feel safe and taken care of. I really felt that I was in safe hands and that I was not alone on my journey. Their voices ring of compassion, reassurance and tranquillity. Meditating with Susannah and Dorian has brought me to a great place."

Joanna, Occupational therapist

"Meditation has helped me with my anger and frustration. It taught me patience is a necessity in this modern world. I am much more peaceful, happy and confident person. Thanks to my meditation, I have a generally stress-free marriage and my friendships are harmonious."

Catherine, Reading recovery teacher

"I really wasn't sure about meditation. Didn't understand it - and that was the problem. You made it all so obvious and sensible.....and suddenly I realised how relevant and helpful it is."

Chris, TV producer

"After suffering from a painful family situation I was looking for something-anything-that my husband and I could use to help us find a constructive way to move forward. Meditation proved to be the answer. It stopped us slipping into blame and allowed us to take responsibility for our own attitudes. It helped us turn even the most painful circumstances into an opportunity to find some positives. Highly recommended!"


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