Meet the founders

Tame Your Tiger is the creation of Dorian Stoodley and Susannah Selwyn. Although their backgrounds and stories are different, their Chatterboxes led them to the same place: from living a life where they thought they had everything, to unhappiness, disillusionment and, in Dorian’s case, total despair.

It’s Dorian and Susannah’s journeys of recovery that make Tame Your Tiger coaching so authentic, comforting and successful.


Dorian has an MBA from Henley Management College. As a successful entrepreneur, he established, operated and exited various businesses. However, having emigrated to Canada in 2008, he suffered his own “curve-ball” that was to prove costly in more ways than one.

It is his journey of recovery and discovery that makes the coaching so authentic. The combination of his experience with Eastern philosophy results in authentic, life-changing insights and techniques.


Susannah is an experienced teacher and has been running her own successful tuition company. She has studied Eastern philosophy for over twenty years and has been teaching the practices of meditation for over fifteen, to both children and adults. She is very passionate about empowering people to take responsibility for their lives’ experiences with the help of mind training.

Over the years, in her meditation classes, Susannah has continually witnessed the huge positive effects of recognising the power of the mind and what can be achieved once we learn to control our thoughts. A great many of her students, from various backgrounds, have been able to dramatically improve their quality of lives. Her wish is to share many of these life-changing skills with as many people as possible

Change your thoughts, change your experience

How does the athlete win the race? How does anything get made or built? How do I get my body fit, start a new hobby or change my life?

Let’s turn negative thoughts positive

Fear and anxiety is part of being human. Learn how to work with them and be guided by them.

Learn how to identify your anger and let it go before it gets out of control.

We can all learn to accept ourselves as perfectly imperfect.