Anger is one of the most destructive parts of our mind. Learn how to identify your anger and let it go before it gets out of control.

Title Meditation
Our computer mind

Why we need to carry out our own personal daily system maintenance

Life's not fair

Who ever said life would go according to plan? And whose plan was it anyway? As an introductory meditation, we begin to learn not to resist but rather how to work with our experiences

Why, why, why

Why do some people have all the luck? Why does this keep happening to me? Karma is a very logical explanation of how the world works.

The problem with Anger

Maybe we think anger is a powerful motivator but it can be very destructive and with damaging results. This session looks at the process of getting angry and how to control it.

Acceptance of the unacceptable

One of our most vital lessons in the process of recovery is to learn to accept it. Here we begin to explore the process.

It's all about me

Do you ever get the feeling that everyone is against you. Are you believing those thoughts? How do they make you feel and how do you keep going? Here we look at those feelings, see how they're trapping us and how to break free.