One of our greatest fears is being out of control. Learn to accept and enjoy uncertainty.

Title Meditation
Self compassion

We are often our own worse enemies. We allow the Chatterbox to judge and even torture ourselves. We can train to nurture ourselves and be free.

Breakdown or breakthrough

So it's happened, we've become overwhelmed by life, but is it possible to work through and work with the feelings, can we see a way through and transform the experience.

Learning to let go - sandcastles on the shore

Life is incredibly fluid and fragile, like a game of 'snakes and ladders' so why do we spend our lives trying to control it, holding it all together, resisting reality and others. Here we look at how we can learn to enjoy life, just to be with what is, rather than resisting reality.

Are you living your life

How real is your life? Are you living your life through Facebook? Is what you show the world representative of what your really feel? This sessions looks at how can you happily be yourself.

Letting go

So much of our pain and problems comes from our obssession with ourselves. We will look at some powerful techniques to let go of this unhealthy mindset.

Fear, our underlying feeling

Are we living with an underlying feeling of fear? Is our fear keeping us trapped? In this session we begin to learn to identify and break free of the debilitating feelings of fear.