Fear and anxiety is part of being human. Learn how to work with them and be guided by them.

Title Meditation
Meet the Fockers

An introduction to the chaterbox inside our head

Learn to control our thoughts

Learn how to recognise and let go of negative thoughts and take back control

How do we move on

We can often become trapped and overwhelmed by life's events, we become stuck, but how can we begin to move on with our life.

Dealing with death

Death is something we will all have to face but something that is rarely talked about. It is the only certaintity in our life and so doesn't it make sense to overcome our fear now?

Why worry?

Worry is a very common response but how productive is it? Does worry solve the problem? This session presents a powerful, positive alternative to worry.

Living with fear, guilt and worry

Living with painful feelings can be debilitating and inhibit our ability to be peaceful and positive. Here we look at where they come from and how to release them.