Mental resilience is our ability to bounce back and re-group when things go wrong. Being able to adapt to what life throws at us.

Title Meditation
Keeping mentally fit

We understand the importance of being physically fit, so isn't it even more important to be mentally fit?

Say farewell to negativity

We can often feel overwhelmed by all the negativity surrounding us, it's not surprising we end up feeling so depressed. We all have a choice and we can break free from the cycle and enjoy living a peaceful and positive life.

How to grow old gracefully

Getting older is inevitable but finding it painful or difficult is not. If we start training now, we can prepare ourselves to deal effectively with our old age.

The con of busyness

Why are we so busy and distacted? How concentration can really help


Real life can be so different to what we expected, it can feel like a disaster, but these are times we learn the most. Here we learn about life, resilience and recovery

Emergency help

What can we do when we feel completely overwhlemed and frightened. This session presents a very powerful technique to get through the tricky times.