We all have times when we can feel bad about ourselves and insecure. We can all learn to accept ourselves as perfectly imperfect.

Title Meditation
heart v's head

Being fulfilled and happy is about being true to yourself. Learn how to listen to your own inner wisdom.

Life, is this it?

We've been there, done it, but why does my life still feel hollow, unfulfilled and disappointing? Could it be that there's something more?

I'm a failure

Why when things go wrong do we consider ourselves a failure? If things go wrong do we lose our success? This session looks at our perception of failure and how we work through and transform this feeling

Competitiveness & Jealousy

Jealousy is a painful but deceptive feeling and we become critical of others and ourselves. Here we work with these painful feelings and allow us transform them into positive feelings

Fulfilling our potential

We all have the potential to develop extraordinary qualities, the only thing that stops us our self-limiting beliefs. All we have to do is let go and soar.

Generating real confidence

How we can feel totally confident and be free from the Chatterbox's insecurities and doubts - to be completely happy in your own skin.