Modern life seems to be increasingly stressful. Learn our techniques to deal with a more and more complex world.

Title Meditation
Why meditate

Learn how to swtich off the chatterbox and the amazing benefits of meditation

Mindful living

How mindfulness is the magic formula to make sure our life is never boring or meaningless

Concentrate on what's important

When life becomes overwhelming, we need to prioritise and concentrate on what we can change, what we can do - we have to prioritise our thoughts and let go of those that are keeping us stuck

It's not fair but it's okay!

Life can seem so unfair and unjust! So what can we do about it and how do we transform these negative feelings.

Dealing with Overwhelm

Life can be overwhelming and gets us down, we feel trapped, so how do we begin to recover and move on with our lives

The world is against you

What do you do when it feels as if the whole world is against you and everything seems to be going pear-shaped.