Life can get us all down. It can feel like the world is against us. If we can change our perception, we can change our experience.

Title Meditation
Circle of despair - happiness is not out there

Why is life so often disappointing? How can we learn to be consitently happy?

Why bother, what's the point?

It can often seem that the world is against us, so how do we begin to make sense of and work through our experience

A beautiful heart

What steps can we take to make a powerful positive difference to our world? This session explains how it's possible to effectivley change the world.

Chronic v acute pain

Mental pain is similar to physical pain in many ways, but often we don't posses the tools to diagnose and work with them. Here we look at the similarities, what feelings may be showing us and how we can begin to work with them.

Having the courage to be honest

A lack of honesty with ourselves and others can be very damaging. Having the courage to be honest can be one of the most healing things we can do for ourself and others.

Why aren't I happy?

Recognising the destructive power of the chatterbox to make us miserable and the freedom of contentment.