Dealing with work can be very challenging on many levels. Learn how to value and transform the challenges.

Title Meditation
Strengthen your concentration

Why strengthen our concentration and how do we do it?

how to win the battle of time

There is so much we want to do but never have enough time. Learn how you can make time work for you.

The beauty of humility

How do you cope when you seriously mess up? Gently accepting our mistakes with understanding can transform any tricky situatiom.

Why we need active concentration

Why do we need concentration. We live in a ever complex world, full of distraction. Our thoughts lead to feelings and emotions, so is it any wonder we feel overwhelmed. Here we look at the importance of active concentration and apply techniques to train our minds.

Overcoming the drudge

Life is only mundane if we have a mundane attitude. You can train your mind to make every moment meaningful and precious.

Deal effectively with stress

Stress seems to be an increasing problem in our daily lives. Stress does not have to be inevitable, we can train our minds to deal with difficult situations postively and effectively